Reiwa Kango Center member’s page

This page is for current students and new student of the Reiwa Kango Center, which allows you to take the following actions.

  1. Pay for private or group lessons
  2. Member registration for Online Group Lesson

1. For private or group lessons

If you are a student and you want to make an individual schedule with a teacher and only pay for individual lessons, please click here:

Proceed to the payment process

2. Register as a new member for Online Group Lesson

If you would like to take an online group lesson, please register here.
A credit card and facebook account are required for registration.
You can take lessons for free for 14 days after registration. Since the billing will start from 14 days, if you would like to try free of charge, please contact us within 10 days after registering the credit card once.Please enter your email address below and press the submit button. We will send you an e-mail with the registration URL, so please click the link to register as a member.

The sender's address is "".